Gingerbread waffle served
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Gingerbread Waffle

Gingerbread is most people if not everyone’s favorite during the festive holiday, so this gingerbread waffle is must try during this holiday. They are so delicious and crowd friendly, you can prepare it for the weekend before the Christmas day or for prepare and serve it as Christmas breakfast. This gingerbread fit in for breakfast […]

french fries and ketchup
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French Fries

PREP TIME: 15 minutes or more COOK TIME: 20 minutes or more SERVINGS: Varies depending on how many fried INGREDIENTS: Russet Potatoes Oil for frying (your choice) Salt and Pepper INSTRUCTIONS: Peel potatoes (you can leave the skin on, on the end if you wish) or peel all through. Cut the potatoes lengthwise then into […]