Gingerbread waffle served
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Gingerbread Waffle

Gingerbread is most people if not everyone’s favorite during the festive holiday, so this gingerbread waffle is must try during this holiday. They are so delicious and crowd friendly, you can prepare it for the weekend before the Christmas day or for prepare and serve it as Christmas breakfast. This gingerbread fit in for breakfast […]

chin chin in jars
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Nigerian Chin Chin

I’m going to demonstrate how to make Nigerian Chin Chin recipe for you in this post, so you can make for your family. It’s the holiday season and if you’re looking for what snacks you can make for the kids that will soon be out of school for the holiday, this chin chin recipe should be […]

onion rings served
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Onion Rings

Onion rings are yummy and are kids friendly snacks, did I say, kids? not only kids adults like onion rings, too. If you haven’t try onion rings before trying this recipe would make you fall in love with onion rings. You don’t need to go fast food restaurants to get it, you can make it […]

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Potato Chips

We all love to snack, with this potato chips recipe, simple but yet delicious would make you turn to Oliver twist, I want more, more and more…lol I made this for my kids and believe me they finished everything within the twinkle of an eye.   PREP TIME: 10 minutes COOKING TIME: 15-20 MINUTES INGREDIENTS […]