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Ewa Agonyin (Mashed Beans)

Ewa Agonyin or mashed beans is very popular in Nigeria, but it came to Nigerian through the Togolese influence. It is popular to the extent you would think it originated from Nigeria, It has special stew or sauce that’s served with it and makes it distinct. If you hate beans before, I believe if you eat Ewa Agonyin you would be a convert because you would fall in love with beans. To make mashed beans doesn’t require many ingredients, just three ingredients and your time, that’s it. It’s as simple as ABC.

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Ewa Agonyin (Mashed Beans)
  • 4 Cups Honey Beans (your choice)
  • Salt To Taste
  • Water for boiling
  1. Pick beans and rinse

    beans in a cup
  2. I used a pressure cooker to boil the beans and this makes it faster. If you don't have one feel free to use a pot. 

  3. Add beans to the pot and pour water enough to cover it, and boil it for about five minutes (reduce indigestion or bloating and also get rid of the preservative on the beans if there's any) and drain the water. This step is optional, you can just boil until tender.

  4. Add another water to the beans, cover and boil until "very" tender. Add salt to taste.

  5. When the beans are all soft, use a ladle, potato masher a hand mixer or a food processor to mash the beans. 

  6. When the mashed beans get cold it tends to get drier so you might want to adjust the water to your preference. Ewa Agonyin is ready.

  7. Serve Ewa Agonyin with stew and Agege bread. 


    beans served
Recipe Notes

Make the recipe yours, if you want it thick and all mashed or partially mashed, it won't alter its taste. Just make it the way you would enjoy.

The stew post is coming next stay tuned.

Enjoy mashed beans with Agege Bread (Nigerian Agege Bread)

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