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Fisherman’s Soup

Fisherman’s soup is a very versatile and flexible soup to prepare. Fisherman’s soup could be prepared with any of your …

Fisherman’s Soup

Suya spice infused grilled fish, grilled fish, grilled tilapia fish, Nigerian grilled fish, suya fish

Suya Spice Infused Grilled Fish

Suya is a kebab for Nigerians, it has yaji spice that is used to season beef, intestine or chicken depending …

Suya Spice Infused Grilled Fish

Egusi soup without oil

Egusi Soup Without Oil (Melon Soup Without Oil)

Egusi soup without oil (melon soup without oil) is the recipe I’m sharing today, I’ve posted Egusi Soup Recipe Egusi Ijebu …

Egusi Soup Without Oil (Melon Soup Without Oil) Read More >>

Nigerian Fish stew

Nigerian Fish Stew (Imoyo Stew)

I’m sharing one of my favorites stews today and it is Nigerian fish stew (imoyo). This is one of the …

Nigerian Fish Stew (Imoyo Stew)

Curry fish recipe

Curry Fish Recipe

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and excited to start a new week?Wow! Today is the last …

Curry Fish Recipe

Tilapia fish pepper soup

Fish Pepper Soup

So last week we woke up to see everywhere covered with snow, so what suits the weather than some Tilapia fish …

Fish Pepper Soup

Baked salmon

Baked Salmon in Foil

Baked salmon in foil is an easy recipe which doesn’t take time to prepare and a healthy meal. You can serve …

Baked Salmon in Foil

Spicy fried stew served with plantain

Spicy Fried Stew

Happy new week guys! Thanks for all the love, I do appreciate it. Today’s recipe is another fried stew but …

Spicy Fried Stew

Dried fish, obe ata, Nigerian dried fish soup, Nigerian dried fish stew

Nigerian Stew With Dried Fish (Obe Ata)

A happy new month to you all! May all our dreams come true. Nigerian stew is a very popular stew …

Nigerian Stew With Dried Fish (Obe Ata)

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