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Giveaway (Updated+ Winner)

#Closed# Yay! It’s giveaway time guys but first of all, let me say a big thank you to Y’all for reading my blog for this past two months. I appreciate every single person that takes his or her time to read my blog.

Just to show a little appreciation to some of my lucky readers, I will be given out airtime (MTN, Glo…) to the highest commenters, I understand that I have readers from U.S, U.K and some Europe countries, Kenya and others African countries, India. So, If you don’t live in Nigeria and you’re one of the winners, I can buy you a cup of coffee or send you a token through Paypal.

How to win:

Follow me on my social media pages (the buttons are on the home page and the bottom of this post) so I can get in touch with you if you win because I don’t want you to drop your personal information on here. If you comment as anonymous there’s no way to get to you if you win, use a name or blog ID.

Just make comments on any of the post on my blog ( as many posts as you want and if you have the highest comments you get to win airtime of your choice.

The first person to make highest comments in 1st,2nd,3rd,4th, and 5th:

  • The first highest commenter gets 2,000 Naira airtime of his or her choice.
  • The second highest commenter gets 1,500 Naira airtime of his or her choice.
  • The third highest commenter gets 1,000 Naira of airtime of his or her choice
  • The fourth and fifth highest commenter gets 750 Naira airtime each.

There’s love in sharing, share with your friends and families. The winners would be announced on Friday, the 22nd or Saturday 23rd.


Thanks for participating Rita, you’re the only one who participated in the giveaway. We’ll contact you but if you see this before we get in touch please send your contact number and your choice of airtime. Thank you.




3 thoughts on “Giveaway (Updated+ Winner)

  1. Yea yea, I am so happy, I got my giveaway cash inside my bank account. Thank you because u are d best. Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance. I am so so happy and glad 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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