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How to Peel Beans with a Blender

How to peel beans? I know some people would think who don’t know how to peel beans, I understand we all do. When I was a kid peeling beans was a nightmare for me. The method I remember vividly is scooping some beans into palms and rub until the beans testa or coats peel off, or using a mortar and pestle to peel off before using hands. These methods are tedious and can’t be compared to using a blender because it’s faster. I’ve heard someone complaining about making Moimoi (steamed beans pudding)  because of beans peeling. No more complain or wrestling with beans before you enjoy that Akara (beans cake), Ekuru (white steamed beans pudding), Gbegiri (beans soup)  or Moimoi (steamed beans pudding). All these meals are delicious no one should be missing out simply because of the stress involved in peeling of beans.

Now, you can stop using powder beans…lol.


  • Beans (your choice) I used black-eyed beans
  • Water

packed beans


In a bowl or the blender cup, soak the beans and let set aside for about 5 minutes.

Pour the beans inside a blender cup and cover with water.


unpeeled beans

Cover the blender cup and use the “pulse” button on the blender engine. Press the button for about 8 -10 time. Pour the beans in a bowl and cover with water, the testa/coats will float, skim the floated coats with hand.

half peeled beans

Put a sieve in another bowl and strain the water. Add another water, use your fingers to peel the beans that still have coats on, repeat the process maybe two times and you would be done.

peeled beans new


You can use the beans for whatever meal you want to prepare.

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