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With a busy life, work, family, not everyone has time to prepare meals for themselves or their family. At you can order for your weekly meals, we offer bespoke and customized meals as you want it.

So, for your small gathering, weekly meal order, snacks and more- At Aliyahsrecipesandtips our focus is on you, we strive to satisfy our customers. We guarantee you to receive and enjoy a bespoke and fresh meal that is made with love.

I currently live in New Mexico. So, my brothers and sisters that are craving African food, we are at your service to provide good and scrumptious homemade meals and you can enjoy at the comfort of your home.

Because Aliyahsrecipesandtips is not a restaurant we implore you to give us notice for your orders. All meals are prepared on request and after payment has been made through Paypal.

At Aliyahsrecipessandtips our plans are to meet your needs. No time to cook? Don’t know how to cook? You have visitors from African and no time to cook? Worry no more Send us an email @  We will love to tingle your tastebud, so what are you waiting for? Shoot us an email we will love to hear from you.

Some of our menus are listed below:

Fried rice

Coconut jollof rice

Coconut fried rice

Jollof rice

Pasta/Spaghetti jollof


Beef/Fish Soup


Okra/Okro soup

Egusi soup with vegetable or without vegetable

Efo riro


Peppered meat

Peppered fish

Peppered assorted meat

Aubergine/Garden egg stew

Ayamase stew (Green/red)

Imoyo Fish stew

Chicken stew

Buka stew





Chinchin…. and many more



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