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US Butter Conversion In Sticks

US Butter Conversion in Sticks

The tables below show the butter conversion, for easy use I mostly use butter in sticks but the most accurate way to measure butter in case you buy your butter in a pound and not in sticks, use a scale to measure if you’re not sure.


US Cups Butter Volume Grams
¼ Cup Half Stick of Butter 56.7g
½ Cup 1 Stick of Butter 113.4g
1 Cup 2 Sticks of Butter 226.8g
2 Cups 4 Sticks of Butter 453.6g



Butter Volume Ounces (oz) Pounds(lb)
Half Stick of Butter 2 oz 1/8 Pound (lb)
1 Stick of Butter 4 oz ¼ Pound (lb)
2 Sticks of Butter 8oz ½ Pound (lb)
4 Sticks of Butter 16 oz 1 Pound (lb)

Butter Sticks to Kilograms and Milliliters

Butter Volume Kilograms Milliliters
Half Stick of Butter 0.056kg 62.5 mL
1 Stick of Butter 113 kg 125 mL
2 Sticks of Butter 226 kg 250 mL
4 Sticks of Butter 452 kg 500 mL


Butter in Sticks to Tablespoons, Teaspoons, and Grams

Butter Volume Tablespoons Teaspoons Grams
Half stick of Butter 8 Tablespoons 24 Teaspoons 56.7 grams
1 stick of Butter 16 Tablespoons 48 Teaspoons 113.4 grams
2 sticks of Butter 32 Tablespoons 96 Teaspoons 226.8 grams

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