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Nigerian Food Timetable

Food Timetable

It’s first Monday of September and you know what that means, It’s Labor Day.  Happy Labor Day! For my readers in the United State, how are you celebrating? Because I like to eat I will be eating at home with my family…lol and reading I’m having tests this week. Wishing Y’all a fabulous and fantastic day/week/month.

Can you believe its already third day of September? Time flies so quick! So, today I’m not sharing any food recipes, what I’m sharing is food timetables. Some of my Nigerian readers have asked, sent messages several times for it, so I’ve compiled some and promise to add more timetables later.

Some asked for Adult food timetable and some said for their kids, I tried as much as possible to compile foods that are suitable for a family. But as we all know not all kids eat the same food, some are picky eaters and some are very easy to feed. I have four kids and they don’t always eat the same food which I know some parents can relate to. I’m sharing this timetables to help busy/career parents to set up their meals and this will also help with the shopping time because if you know what you’re cooking for the week then shopping will be easy.

Most of these meals could be prepared ahead of time and I have most of the recipes on the blog, I will be sharing more as time goes on. You can print out these timetables they’re in pdf and adjust them if there are some you don’t or your kids don’t eat. Please, let your kids drink water as much as possible, I didn’t include any type of milk to drink just go with what their doctors asked them to drink either skimmed, whole, or fat-free, or if they are lactose intolerance just look at the lists and add or remove whichever that doesn’t work for your family. I added juice and if you’re going to be serving them juice please make sure it’s artificial flavor free.


  • Buy in bulk
  • Cook in bulk or for the week
  • Separate soups/stews/sauces into small portion you will finish at once for easy defrost or heating.
  • You can use some of your leftovers during the week, for instance, if have you roast a whole chicken during the weekend you can incorporate the leftover to your meal weekdays.
  • Boil rice, beans ahead

Food time table 1

Food time table 2

Food time table 3

Food time table 4