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how to eat less without noticing

How To Eat Less Without Noticing

Welcome, August! Happy New Month, guys! Time flies by so quickly can you believe it’s only four months to end 2018? I pray we all get to our promised land and achieve all we hope and pray for and more before the end of the year. Today, I’m going to share how I eat less without even knowing and it works for me, so I decided to share with Y’all.

How do you eat less without noticing? One thing that I know is that most of us have experienced eating too much and sometimes unhealthy meals at some points in our lives and couldn’t control or break out of the habit easily. According to a popular saying “you’re what you eat” so what we consume is very important. I usually don’t do calories counting or restriction (I’m not even good at it…lol) I’m not condemning people that are doing it, it’s really good if you can do it. But I make sure my family and I eat healthy meals as much as possible also we try to eat in moderation, I understand sometimes one might want to go overboard but it doesn’t happen every time.

There are some of the things we do (as a family) in other not to overeat. Plan meals in advance, eat breakfast, drink enough water, eat fiber, proteins, and whole grains, portion control, use small utensils, eat when hungry, eat slowly and thoroughly, and feel satisfied. Portion control is important but it doesn’t yield any good result if you only eat junk foods or too much healthy/unhealthy meals. I will explain some of these further.

how to eat less

  1. Eat three meals a day: making sure you eat your three daily meal is a good way to control your eating habit. Skipping meal makes one eat a lot more when one is ready to eat because all you think is to eat all the meals you’ve missed which is a bad idea and can ruin your health.
  1. Plan your meal ahead: making sure you plan your meal ahead,  help with making good sources of what to eat, it really helps a great deal because you’ll have time to plan for healthy food to prepare. If you plan to dine out know where and what they offer, think of what you’d like to eat and make sure you stick to your plan.
  1. Make sure you’re really hungry: don’t use food as a comfort when you’re sad or going through a phase in life, food will not take away your problem. Food can give you or provide some relief while you’re eating but won’t take away your fear or sadness. Make sure you’re actually eating when you’re hungry. Make sure you identify your hunger feeling eat at the appropriate time.
  1. Use smaller utensils: when you’re ready to eat using a smaller plate will help you eat way less than you expected than using a bigger plate for your meal. If you compare serving the same amount of food in bigger and smaller plates, you’ll think the food on the bigger plate is too small and what to fill it up some more.  So, filling up a smaller plate helps with eating lesser, and it definitely helps with portion control. Also, using a small fork/spoon helps with the amount of food you put in your at a time which also helps with chewing properly.

how to eat lesser food

  1. Eating a variety of food: making sure you’re eating a variety of food. Divide the food on your plate, for instance, if you serve some vegetables, grains, and protein this automatically fill your plate. This also helps in controlling the carbohydrates you eat.


  1. Chew thoroughly: I dislike rushing food without chewing thoroughly except for the swallow (like amala, fufu et al) that you need to form a small ball to make a morsel of paste. Eating with proper chewing and thoroughly help digestion faster and efficiently. When you chew slowly and thoroughly you’ll be able to get the real taste and flavor of the food, chew thoroughly to enjoy every little bite.
  1. Eating from a bowl/plate: it is better to eat from a plate or bowl instead from a package, you can’t count likewise is your stomach, and if you eat directly from a food package or box it is more likely you eat more than you’re supposed to eat. It is good to use a plate, or a bowl so as not to overeat.
  1. Eat breakfast: breakfast is very important when you eat breakfast you tend to feel less hunger throughout the day, which in other words help with eating a little food during lunch and dinner. Skipping a meal (as mentioned earlier) makes you overeat later in the day which is not good for health. Even if you don’t feel hungry in the morning, a cup of tea or banana will go a long way.
  1. Cooking or serving 20% less: cooking or serving less (about 20%) of food you would normally eat also helps with eating less, you can replace that 20% with some vegetables. If you’re having dessert make sure you don’t overfeed yourself before dessert time.
  1. Pay attention: paying attention when you’re eating is very important, distraction while eating can make one overeats because you’re not concentrating, for instance, watching tv and eating is not good because all you’re doing is watching and shoveling the food in your mouth. Take at least 20 minutes off from the tv and enjoy your well-deserved meal.


How do you eat less without noticing? share how you eat less it might be useful to us and others.


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