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Nigerian stews

Nigerian Soups

On this page, I compiled some of the Nigerian soup recipes I have on the blog. For easy access just click the link or use the search box to search for more.

Nigerian Soups

turkey stew in a pot


Nigerian Turkey Stew


Kale soup


Stewed Seafood Okra Soup

seafood okra

Kale Efo Riro (Nigerian Kale Soup)

Egusi soup recipe

Nigerian chicken Stew

Nigerian chicken Stew served

Egusi Soup Recipe

Gbegiri soup

Gbegiri Soup Recipe

buka stew

Buka Stew Recipe

Egusi ijebu served

Egusi Ijebu Soup (Melon Soup Without Vegetable)

Efo riro

Spinach and Kale Soup (Efo riro; Vegetable Soup)

dried fish served

Nigerian Stew With Dried Fish (Obe Ata)


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