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Chickpeas Moimoi

Moimoi or moinmoin is a very popular food in Nigeria, most homes have it for breakfast especially on weekends. Chickpeas …

Chickpeas Moimoi

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Onion Buns Rolls

If you love homemade rolls or bread and you’ve not tried onion buns rolls you’re missing, honestly you need to …

Onion Buns Rolls

chocolate bread, chocolate, bread, homemade chocolate bread

Chocolate Bread

You need a simple loaf of bread with some chocolatey flavor then this is for you. The bread is soft …

Chocolate Bread

crepes, crepes tasty, crepes breakfast, crepes banana, crepes nutella, crepes chocolate

Easy Crepes Recipe

This easy crepes recipe is easy to make, it doesn’t require any special equipment than a blender and if you …

Easy Crepes Recipe

apple sandwiches, cheese, grill cheese, grilled, homemade grilled cheese, masala, sandwiches, toast, Turkey Breast and Apple Sandwiches, turkey panini, Turkey sandwiches

Turkey Breast and Apple Sandwiches

If you love sandwiches and you’ve not tried this turkey-apple sandwiches with the sauce you’re missing. Like, seriously, you’re missing. …

Turkey Breast and Apple Sandwiches

garlic bread, homemade, Texas toast, buttery, sliced bread, baked, slice bread

Garlic Toast Bread

Garlic toast bread is basically mixing butter and other seasonings over slices of bread then toast in the oven. I …

Garlic Toast Bread

Apple ring fritter, apple ring, apple fritters

Apple Ring Fritters

Happy Friday, folks! What way to start the weekend than to make some apple ring fritters? These apple ring fritters …

Apple Ring Fritters

Sausage and pancake bites, sausage, pancake bites, sausage and pancake

Sausage and Pancake Bites

To change things up for the kids and everyone I made this sausage and pancake bites and oh boy was …

Sausage and Pancake Bites

How to make pap, How to make pap from scratch, How to make pap with cornmeal, How to make pap with cornflour

How To Make Pap With Cornmeal/Cornflour

How to make pap with cornmeal or cornflour is an easy way to make pap instead of using fresh corn. …

How To Make Pap With Cornmeal/Cornflour

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