Month: August 2019

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Panla Fish Soup

It’s another blessed Monday! Happy New Week, foodies! Today’s recipe is Panla fish soup. It is easy to make and …

Panla Fish Soup

Mini Biscuits Pizza, mini pizza, mini, cheese, buttermilk, monaco, easy, biscuit dough, grand biscuits, bite sizes, deep dish, lots of cheese, pizza flavored, crescent rolls, pillsbury, flaky biscuits pizza, Pillsbury dough, Pillsbury biscuit

Mini Biscuits Pizza

Mini Biscuits Pizza is on the menu today, yay! In as much as I like to prepare our meal from …

Mini Biscuits Pizza

Moimoi, steamed beans pudding, moinmoin, Nigerian moimoi, how to make moimoi,, how to make moinmoin, baked, beans, ogi, Akara, African, Nigerian, homemade, garri

Chickpeas Moimoi

Moimoi or moinmoin is a very popular food in Nigeria, most homes have it for breakfast especially on weekends. Chickpeas …

Chickpeas Moimoi

zeppole, Italian donuts, donuts, Oero, powdered sugar, Italian, pizza, fried, donuts, traditional, san gennaro, dessert

Zeppole (Italian Donuts)

Zeppole (Italian Donuts) is pastry or snacks or dessert known to the Italians, it is very easy to make I …

Zeppole (Italian Donuts)

Yam and beans porridge, Nigerian yam and porridge, porridge, beans and yam porridge, ewa ati isu, purple yam, Nigeria, yoruba, plantains, health benefits of beans, porridge soya infant beans, porridge soya beans malawi infant, African, oil beans fries fish, recipe beans sweet corn, beans catering, unripe plantains, beans with yam and fish

Yam and Beans Porridge

Yam and beans porridge is one of my favorites and it is simply a delicious meal. I prepared to be …

Yam and Beans Porridge

tomato with herbs sauce, Italian herbs, Pizza toppings, Roasted garlic, hunts, spaghetti sauce, onion, marinara sauce, sauce, ragu, muir sauce, classico sauce, fresh tomato, homemade tomato sauce

Tomato Sauce With Herbs

Tomato Sauce With Herbs  is a simple to make your sauce ahead or use immediately. If you have a lot …

Tomato Sauce With Herbs

Nigerian soup, soup, Banga soup, Ofe Akwu, Delta soup, Delta Banga Soup, catfish, starch, eba, native, urhobo, fresh fish, periwinkle, spice, ingredients, recipe, Nigerian banga soup, edo, poundo

Banga Soup

There are different types of soups and well known to different tribes in Nigeria and this banga soup is one …

Banga Soup

Coated fried yam, yamarita, dundun oniyeri, yamarita fries with ata dindin, A fun yam dish, how to make egg coated yam, how to make yamarita, Nigerian yam recipe, Nigerian yam and sauce, fried, sauce, chicken, baked , fried yam, street food, egg, tfc, how to make crunchy fried yam, how to make crunchy yamarita

Egg Coated Fried Yam (Yamarita)

Happy New Month ! I pray this month of August bring forth good tidings! Let’s start this month with this …

Egg Coated Fried Yam (Yamarita)

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