Quesadilla sliced
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Chicken Quesadilla

Chicken Quesadilla is a delicious meal, very easy to make. Thanks to my daughter that introduced me to it. Quesadilla is a kid and family friendly meal.  Quesadilla can be prepared in different ways, you add absolutely anything in it. But for this recipe, I’m using chicken and veggies for it. 5 from 3 votes Print Chicken […]

french fries and ketchup
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French Fries

PREP TIME: 15 minutes or more COOK TIME: 20 minutes or more SERVINGS: Varies depending on how many fried INGREDIENTS: Russet Potatoes Oil for frying (your choice) Salt and Pepper INSTRUCTIONS: Peel potatoes (you can leave the skin on, on the end if you wish) or peel all through. Cut the potatoes lengthwise then into […]

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Baked Tilapia

On the menu today is baked tilapia, you can enjoy it as a side dish with rice, couscous, quinoa or by itself. INGREDIENTS 2 Large Tilapia 1 Red bell pepper 1 habanero pepper/Rodo sliced Onion 3 Tablespoons butter 2 Cloves garlic (optional) 2 Teaspoon Lemon zest 2 Teaspoons chili flakes 1/2 Teaspoon Paprika 2 Teaspoon […]

egg muffins
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Egg Muffins

PREP TIME: 10minutes DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy   COOK TIME: 20-25minutes   INGREDIENTS 6 eggs 1/8 cup milk (whole milk, non-fat milk or your choice) 1/2 cup thinly fresh chopped spinach (more or less) 1/2 cup chopped onions(you can add more or reduce) 1/2 cup sliced cherry tomatoes (you can add more or reduce) Chicken flavor […]